Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement 
Church of the Lakes provides an oasis for spiritual nourishment where people of many backgrounds join together in Christian love, joy and peace.  Focusing on the Bible and the power of prayer, those attending Church of the Lakes seek to put on the Christlike Spirit essential to those called by His Name.  Led by the Holy Spirit, we devote ourselves to worship, study, prayer, fellowship and sharing. (1) The sermons are uplifting and instructional, convicting and inspiring, speaking the great truths of the Scriptures and exhorting all generations to repentance, obedience and service.  The music, central to passionate worship, expresses the joy and awe of our faith, calling those present into a closer relationship with God, our Creator.  The Christian education programs open hearts and minds to Biblical truths and promises vital to our ability to meet the world's temptations and  challenges.  Increasing faith and knowledge of God's Word brings the heavenly wisdom that changes lives.  Of utmost importance in all church experiences, is sharing Christ with the children, youth and adults of our community so that all may come to know and accept Him as the Risen Savior and Lord.  
Those attending Church of the Lakes find themselves understanding and accepting God's love, (2)  Christ's death and resurrection (3) and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, leading to the surety of eternal life. (4)  Seekers become believers.  Believers become disciples.  Disciples become leaders.  The love of the congregation, both for God and for our fellow man, overflows from unified hearts eager to reach out, blessing the congregation with the spirit of fellowship, demonstrated in regular and joyous gatherings.  That same love for God and for our fellow man leads us to share God's Word and material gifts with those in our community and around the world who are in need.
Those called to any service within the Body, understand the importance of their responsibilities as part of God's plan (5) and all know the essence of servant leadership.  The growing facilities support expanding programs, and the staff and volunteers needed to meet the secular and spiritual needs of the community.
Love, honesty and commitment support the members' relationship with each other (6) and all are unified in obedience to Jesus' Great Commission.  (7)  Church of the Lakes is dedicated to bringing the unsaved into full fellowship with the Creator God, His Son, the Holy Spirit and God's universal Church. (8)
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